How It Works

You contacted Exceediance for the Business Intelligence services. After understanding their business needs, Exceediance Team provided two options to Chocolate Company:

OPTION-1: Your company provides us with actual database. Then Exceediance team will prepare the dashboard and handover the Dashboard along with detailed Business Intelligence report to you. Either we can say an NDA with you or If you prefer, we can work in your premises on your laptops/business machine so that data integrity is ensured. We will provide just enough training to your organization and they can start operating the dashboard right away.

OPTION-2: In case, you prefer not to share your full database with Exceediance, you will provide the headers of the database. Then, the Exceediance team will use random data to produce the dashboard. Once ready, Exceediance will give a demo to you and then handover dashboard file to your IT Team so that they can connect their actual database with dashboard (which usually takes 3-5 minutes). Since Power BI application is from Microsoft hence Exceediance, in no way, we can see the dashboard and Business Intelligence reports of your organization