This page provides some creative human resource dashboard that HR department of any company can use to organize and view their entire workforce.

Feature of Human Resource Dashboards

Following are the 20 Creative Dashboards for HR Professionals and Leaders

  • Salary Structure Overall
  • Department specific salary structure
  • City specific salary structure
  • Full Salary summary (filters for grade, city, job type can be applied with just one mouse click
  • Benefits summary
  • Gratuity Calculation
  • Employees’ kids’ Schooling expense
  • Visa and Sponsorship costs Human Resource Dashboards
  • Graphical and tabular views of expense
  • Graphical and tabular views of staff structure
  • Interactive department specific graphical views
  • Staff views based on Resigned, Terminated, newly hired, year based, month based views
  • Automatic top 10, bottom 10 expense domains
  • Automatic high salary low salary analysis (Year wise, month wise, department wise, city wise, country wise)
  • Staff education tracking, training tracking, age based analysis
  • Designation based salary analysis, history analysis, benefits comparison, Nationality based filtering.
  • Team’s performance analysis
  • Task management Human Resource Dashboards
  • Animated videos for ‘over the years’ analysis for performance, salaries, staff structure and so on

Creative Dashboards for HR Professionals and Leaders

These are just some of the Human Resource Dashboards that have been published. There are endless possibilities to produce creative and interactive dashboards which will be super beneficials for the executives to track, analyze and report on KPIs and metrics.

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