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Power BI Dashboard for School with 8 Beneficial Visuals

by JTExceediance

Running a school business effectively requires the establishment of right databases and data management systems. As the school business grows, the data size keeps increasing, making it more complex to get insightful summaries for better management of the business and to make effective decisions. These Power BI Dashboard for School with 8 Visuals will definitely help you to achieve your business ambitions.

Power BI Dashboard for School – Visuals Summary

Below are 15 School Management Dashboards for Your Business covering so many features with endless possibilities:

  1. High Level Summary – Number of teachers, students and supervisors.
  2. Nationality based interactive filter for students, suppliers, teachers, drivers and all staff.
  3. Role based summaries.
  4. Cost and Expense analysis – week by week, month by month, year by year analysis. Graphs, charts, tables and so on.
  5. Paginated reports, export to PDF and PPT.
  6. Top Ten students ranking based on subjects, branch, nationality, city, semester, class, sections and more..
  7. Expense summary breakdown and deep analysis. High-cost triggers and alerts.
  8. Teacher performance ranking.
  9. Attendance summary for all staff.
  10. Salary reports and graphs – Pie chart, Bar chart, donut chart, live filters, slicers and more.
  11. Super Awesome degenerative graphs to interact with all kinds of data and extracting live information for any aspect related to school management.
  12. Tree graph, funnel graphs related to KPIs, expenses, revenues and profits to help leaders understand the overall trends, revenue leakages, business opportunities and for other business intelligence-based decisions.
  13. Identification of poor performing teachers, students, class, sections to enable making right decisions for improvement.
  14. Financial leakage identification.
  15. Checking out all reports via mobile app on the go.

Power BI Dashboard for School – 8 Visuals

Power BI Dashboard for School

Need More Features On Your Power BI Dashboard for School?

Depending upon the needs of the school, there are so many aspects that you can create dashboards for managing your school business. Check out these examples:

  1. Student Enrollment Trends
  2. Demographic Analysis of Students
  3. Attendance Rates and Patterns
  4. Academic Performance Metrics
  5. Teacher-to-Student Ratio
  6. Curriculum Coverage and Progress
  7. Classroom Utilization Rates
  8. Discipline Incidents and Trends
  9. Parental Engagement Metrics
  10. Extracurricular Activity Participation
  11. Teacher Performance and Professional Development
  12. Resource Allocation and Budget Utilization
  13. School Infrastructure and Maintenance Status
  14. Health and Wellness Programs Participation
  15. Special Education Program Effectiveness
  16. Graduation Rates and College Placement
  17. Technology Integration in Education
  18. Library Utilization and Resources
  19. Transportation Efficiency and Safety
  20. School Security and Emergency Preparedness
  21. Feedback and Surveys from Students and Parents
  22. Community Outreach and Partnerships
  23. Financial Aid and Scholarship Allocation
  24. Alumni Engagement and Contributions
  25. School Rankings and Accreditation Status

This is just the glimpse of what can be done using Microsoft Power BI. However, on a general note, whatever you can think of in terms of extracting specific information (cost wise, number wise, date wise etc.) and displaying (graphs, charts, comparison tables, funnels, time based videos etc.) is absolutely possible. Please contact us

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